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                                                June   21, 2017  Wyoming Ohio Cycling Foundation





About Us

Ride on, Ride safe, Ride often, AND DONATE!


Who we are

We are the Wyoming Ohio Cycling Foundation (WOCF), a nonprofit organization formed by Wyoming, Ohio residents Scott Litwin, Jim Briggs Jr., and Clint Morley.

We started in 2004 with a small group of about 6 cyclists who would meet at 6am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday or Sunday at the Half Day Café to ride about 20 miles before work each weekday and more than 50 miles on the weekend.

In 2011, we began hosting an annual ride to support charities in our community.  In 2013, we incorporated and formed a nonprofit organization that now numbers about 85.

Our mission is the promotion of safe cycling, cycle maintenance, and road safety for Wyoming, Ohio and the Greater Cincinnati areas. 

We also support the City of Wyoming’s ‘Let’s Move Wyoming’ program.

The Beginning 

Building off of the ideas of 6 people the WOCF organized as a non-profit in August 2013 in order to better serve the community by organizing rides that would raise funds for a number of local charities. 

Our Current Accomplishments

We have installed Three Dero bicycle service stations in the Wyoming, Ohio, One in Loveland, Ohio, and One in Newport Kentucky. Additional stations are planned for 2016. The attention that these service stations have raised can be seen in numerous ways - talk about the stations happening around town, use of the stations, and articles written about the stations such as this, Stations Let Cyclists Adjust, Repair Bikes (5/2014).

Our riders participate in many fundraising rides to raise money and attention to numerous local, non-profit organizations. A great example of the WOCF's charitable activities is the $13,818.57 that has been raised to date during the Spring Bike Classic!

We also are reaching out to approximately 85 people with our mailing list! Click here to be added to our mailing list.

Our Future

Our goal is to become more active in safety education. We seek to create an initiative within the Wyoming, Ohio and Greater Cincinnati communities that will provide education in bicycling safety and maintenance as well as road safety. It is vital that our community be able to ride and drive without fear. If you are interested in helping us make this goal reality feel free to contact us!