Rides and Events

Ride on, Ride safe, Ride often, AND DONATE!


Daily Rides

We invite you to join the Half Day Café cyclists for our regular hour rides at 6:00am to 7:00am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, weather permitting. Many Fridays are casual Fridays when we extend the ride to 1½ hours before coffee. We ride a dozen or more routes through the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Typical week day rides: Ikea, Section Road, Gray Road, Winton Woods, Sharon Woods, Congress Run, Hills of Wyoming, Ohio and Spooky Hollow Road. 

Weekend Rides

Saturday/Sunday our rides are longer and we have a general departure at 8am in the fall and 7am in the summer. Typically we are back by noon and we ride for 35-45 miles with a stop for coffee.

For any of our rides feel free to just show up and join in! For tips on how to best ride in a group click HERE

The Wyoming Ohio Cycle Foundation 365 Challenge

Wyoming Ohio Cycling Foundation 365 Annual Challenge is to encourage riders to commit to some level of contribution based on miles ridden in any given year. Whether it is based on $/mile or just a random amount it would be great if everyone can help and Donate. So start tracking your miles if you really want to get detailed or just decide at what level you can contribute.

Wyoming Ohio Cycling Foundation and Half Day Café Spring Classic for Charity Tour

The Wyoming Ohio Cycling Foundation and Half Day Café Spring Classic for Charity Tour is a multi-stage team race for charity with both individual and team awards. 

The stage race is predominantly points based with a weighting towards participation and camaraderie rather than speed. 

There are defined mid-stage sprint and hill “finish lines” (for example, a stop ahead sign makes for a great mid-stage finish line) where the top 8 riders across the “finish line” are awarded points.

To assure equal footing and the “no rider left behind” policy, there are defined “stop and re-gather” points somewhere prior to and immediately after each mid-stage “finish line”.


Teams are defined on the first day of the Tour, and there is a 3-mile long individual time trial along the Winton Woods Loop.

To keep teams balanced, teams are set as follows:

Awards for Spring Classic:

Want to know more? Wyoming Cyclists Raise Funds Through Spring Classic 

Want to help support local charities? Check out our fundraising page HERE!