Jagdish May Use the Full Lane   Natchez Trace 10/8/2020


Natchez Trace 10/5/2020 

Pete, Fred, Jagdish, David and Sam 

Rabbit Hash Kentucky 10/12/19

Larry,Todd,Alex,Katie,Chris,Scott,Sam and Fred 


Dr Todd v Paul Bunyan 10.7.2019

Howard and Jeff Sunflower Rev it up for Parkinson's



Pilot Mountain North Carolina July, 10 2019

Sam, Warren, Jagdish and Fred 


Pete at Pete's Kansas 6/19/2019 

2019 Spring Classic 

Sam Jagdish, Steve , David, Warran, Mac  and Alan 7,000 Feet Cedar City 

Sam and Steve on  Snow Bikes 

Jagdish Crosscountry San Francisco Kitty Hawk 5/2019



Half Day Cafe Wyoming Ohio Cycling Foundation Visit to Kitt Peak Tucson Arizona 3/26/2018

Scott G, Sam, Warrren, Cindy,Glynn,Fred and Pete 

Ohio River Flood 2/25/2018


Wyoming, OH, January 18, 2018



Wyoming, OH, January 18, 2018– Wyoming Ohio Cyclists Foundation presented a grant of over $11,000 to Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center.  This grant was presented to assist in the expansion of Pantry services to more efficiently meet the growing need of those in need.

“We are very humbled by this show of generosity.  These funds have been used to purchase food for the holidays and to expand our refrigeration/freezer equipment to meet the needs of our food supply thereby enabling longer shelf life for our produce supply.” Commented John Keuffer, Executive Director

The Wyoming Ohio Cyclists Foundation provided $1,500 before Christmas to purchase bulk amounts of canned goods to help neighbors in need for the holiday and the organizations raised additional funds to purchase a commercial grade refrigerator/freezer unit for the agencies Pantry Service area.  This unit allows the agency to store fresh produce in a contained environment that will prolong shelf life and reduce waste; thereby offering more fresh items to our clients.” It is amazing to see this unit.  I can’t believe there are such nice people who are so willing to help, so that my family and I can have food while we struggle through this time of our life.” Stated Jimmy F, Valley Interfaith client Valley Interfaith community Resource Center strives to empower our neighbors in need to create a life that is sustainable.  For more information, please visit www.vicrc.org

# # #

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact John Keuffer at 513-821-3233 or email at jkeuffer@vicrc.org.


Susan and Greg Harbin Park Race  10.29.17

Chris and Kylene Lima Ohio Half Marathon HDC Vest 10.28.17


Hilly 100 10/7-8/2017  David , MaryAnne , Jagdish ,Pete and Scott

WOCF Low Country Boil 9.23.2017




Anderson Ferry 9/23/17



Clint and Gang Boulder Colorado 9/23/2017


Sunflower Revolution Ride 9/10/2017



Riding to School 8/2017 



Sam and Mac 8/2017 Logan Pass 



Megan and Josh Wedding 8/2017

Mt Golden 8/2017



Golden to Radium 8/2017



Quadra Island at  Naked Cycles 7/28/17




Anacortes July 25, 2017 Left to Right Charley, Pete, Mac and Sam 


Gabe and Scott Lunken Airport 7/2017



   Ride Cincinnati 2017







                                          Jagdish First Bike Uganda 1968 



                                                                                                                                             2017 SpringClassic Photos




                                                                                                                             Wyoming Ohio Cycling foundation Half Day Cafe 2017 Spring Classic Pete Stage 2 May 2017                                                                                                                



                                                                                                                                          Amy and Scott Newport CA. April 2017 Electric Bikes

                                                                                                                  Texas Hills WOCF 4/2017

                                                                                                                    Pete the Pump Repair Man 3/2017            

                                                                                                                  Sam Employee of the Month 3/2017 

                                                                                                                   Anderson Ferry HDC Group June 2014 

                                                                                                             Twin Pinarello    Square to Square 2013           

                                                                                                                     JDRF Death Valley 2012