Wyoming Cycling Foundation 365 Challenge 2020

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Contact Scott Litwin
Phone 513-703-6046
Email Address slitwin@cinci.rr.com

2019  WOCF 365 Challenge  TBD ! 2018  benefited Easter Seals and  THE 39,000 LOCAL UNEMPLOYED, HOMELESS, DISABLED VETERANS – yes, you are reading that correctly 39,000 LOCAL VETS – that’s staggering and we think worthy of our concern and attention as a group, so we would like to support their efforts.  The Challenge encourages riders to track their miles throughout the year and to contribute some amount based on the total miles ridden.  You can calculate your contribution using a predetermined amount per mile traveled; however, feel free to use any method that encourages you to increase your miles and your donations! 

2018 Doantion $9095.00

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